Diamcor defines Primary Kimberlite Projects as any diamond project which involves the exploration for, or underground mining of, any new or existing kimberlite source, these areas being the primary source where diamonds originate from. Although this type of exploration, and any such resulting project, could provide an extreme economic benefit to Diamcor in the long-term, primary kimberlite diamond exploration is accepted to be an inherently high risk proposition which requires the commitment of significant high-risk capital to support the ongoing economic evaluation needed. Associated long lead times of five to seven+ years to production are typical, as is capitalization into the hundreds of millions of dollars, and these efforts currently fall outside the primary scope of Diamcor's current near-term focus. Our initial involvement in any such projects may occur should we acquire other projects and then discover new kimberlite pipes or blows of interest on those properties. Should this occur Diamcor has the ability to perform initial exploration efforts to define the potential significance of such a find, after which it is anticipated any warranted additional efforts would be completed in conjunction with a suitable larger joint venture partners in order to offset associated costs and minimize risk.

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